Rnadom Stuff Ingore This

Rnadom Stuff Ingore This

The sun was shining bright yet it was freezing outside.

Today me and my mum were going to take my dog, Harvey, to Elmdon park. We both had to get ready before we thought about going anywhere. I let Harvey out the back door so he could play in the garden whilst we got ready.

It was twelve in the afternoon and we were in the car about to set off to Elmdon park in the car. A fifteen minute journey took thirty minutes because of the slippery roads; everybody was driving stupidly slow. But that didn’t matter because my mum and I were enjoying the warmth of the car heater that made such a noise that you could barely hear yourself speak let alone hear the radio.

Thirty minutes after leaving our house, we were finally there at Elmdon park. I jumped out of the car. As I jumped my foot slid on the icy floor, I frantically grabbed the car door to prevent myself from falling and I was alright. Just about though. Every party of me was frozen and I hadn’t even been there for five minutes. I put my gloves on to warm myself up but it didn’t really work, I was still colder than ever. We slowly began to walk down the hill, which I had the feeling I would get down there pretty quick because I kept slipping. Fifteen minutes later we were at the bottom of the death trap!

My mind had soon be taken off the cold by seeing bits of the lake frozen over, we all walked around the lake and Harvey barked at the ducks (as usual). It was a usual day to be honest. We were at the last corner of the lake when, usual turned to tragic.

It was Harvey! He had ran on to the lake. My heart dropped to my stomach as he ran into the middle and barked as if to say. C’mon! follow me! But we never, we couldn’t. It was too dangerous. We just stood there. There was nothing we could do!

My mom and I were just to lose help then Harvey ran back to us; we both could not believe our eyes or luck. We thought we would never see him again and there he was with his little tail wagging and him...

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