Road Haulage and the Environment

Road Haulage and the Environment

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BSs Transport Management

Subject: Road haulage and the environment


The transportation of goods and passengers is increasing world-wide. A large share of this transport can be attributed to motor vehicles which often have serious impacts on human health, environmental quality, urban development patterns, road conditions, and road safety. The transport system contribute to climate imbalance, it is in charge of 1/3 of the climate imbalance in Europe. Moreover, the greenhouse gas emissions make by transport have increased to 2% per year since 1990 (almost 35% since 15 years). The road transport is in charge of 94% exhaust fumes in transport sector, of which 28% for the freight transport.

Transport energy consumption and the resulting emissions of greenhouse gases are increasing steadily due to a rise in transport volumes that outweighs improvements in vehicle efficiency. Current policies are insufficient to stop the growth although average specific emissions of new passenger cars are on their way to meeting the 140 g CO2/km emission target committed to by the automobile industry.

There is strong growth in the use of biofuels, allowing the transport sector to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases when the full life cycle of the fuels is considered. To maximize their environmental benefit, however, it is important to produce biofuels in a way that minimizes negative impacts.

The vehicle fleet is gradually becoming cleaner due to improvements in the technology required to meet European emission standards. Improvements are occurring significantly faster than the growth in traffic volumes, with absolute reductions in emissions of harmful substances to the air. Nonetheless, further initiatives will still be needed to reduce people’s exposure to damaging pollutants.

Contrary to the aim of the Common Transport Policy, the shares of aviation and road...

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