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1 What is the difference between Preferred and Other Networks?
Preferred roaming networks are networks with whom, we as Melita have signed official agreements so that you are guaranteed a great roaming experience. As we go along we will be launching more preferred networks, so before you travel, please check with us for the preferred networks in the country that you will be visiting. Just click here to find out more.

Besides the preferred networks, you will also have access to other roaming services through Telecom Sparkle which offers extensive coverage through more than 400 roaming partners in over 200 destinations worldwide.

2 How can I use My Melita Mobile when roaming on the Preferred Networks?
When roaming on the Preferred Networks, please ensure the network mode on your handset is set to ‘Dual mode’. Once set to Dual, you can now manually switch your SIM profile by following these steps;
1. Go to Melita Mobile sim menu

2. Select Melita Mobile

3. Select Melita Mobile

4. Select ‘Select Roaming Mode’

5. Select ‘Melita Mobile’

6. Please wait for few moments.

7. Go to Settings, Select Network Services and then Network Selection and search Manually for the Preferred Network which will enable you to roam.(to check if there is a Preferred Network in the country that you are visiting, please click here)

8. If you switch off your mobile, please follow the instructions from Step 1 to Step 7 to latch on the Preferred Network to be able to roam.

9. If you experience any problems, please kindly register this with our call centre at your earliest convenience leaving your name, the country you are in and your alternative contact number.

Please note:
• Depending on your handset, SIM Menu is located in different menus.
• To find out in which countries we have Preferred networks, please follow this link.

3 How can I roam on other networks with My Melita Mobile?
You can manually switch your SIM profile to roaming by...