Robert Frost's Poetry: Emotions and Themes

Robert Frost's Poetry: Emotions and Themes

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Justin Farzadkish
Eng 101

Robert Frost

A reviewer of Robert Frost once said, “The matter in which Robert Frost touches the feelings and emotion of his readers, is one that comes only once in a generation.” Robert Lee Frost was considered one of great American poets of all time. He was highly regarded for his realistic depiction of rural life as well as raising questions about the significance of suicide and the end of the world. He frequently employed themes from early 1900s rural life in New England. Frost was a profoundly popular poet, and as a result received numerous awards and won four Pulitzer Prizes.
A number of his poems provide a description of suicide, and how the end of the world will come about. “Fire and Ice”, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, “Once by the Pacific”, as well as “Acquainted With The Night”, are all examples of the darker side of Frost’s work. “Fire and Ice” is regarded as one of his most popular poems, and was featured in his 1923 book, New Hampshire. Each one of these poems different way of portraying their meaning. They have been meet with many different sorts of reviews. They have helped distinguished Robert Frost as a writer, and aided him in becoming one of the most recognizable American Poets.
Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874. His mother was of Scottish accent, while his father was a descendent of a English colonist. His father died when Robert was 11, and the family moved to New Hampshire with Frost’s grandfather. Although many of his poems describe rural life, he lived in the city and published his first poem in high school. Frost attended Dartmouth University and was accepted into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. After college he returned to teach and work various job, feeling all the while like poetry was his true calling. He sold his first poem for 15 dollars, and later married Elinor Miriam White. Robert worked on his grandfathers farm for nine years...

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