Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Cesar Aguirre Contreras
Strategic Planning
Case 1

Robin Hood.

Assignment question to guide the written executive report

1. As Robin Hood’s most trusted advisor (and as someone knowledgeable in the ways of crafting and executing effective strategies), please prepare an action plan for Robin Hood’s consideration. It is your job to convince him to pursue your proposed plan; hence your report should include full justification and arguments to support your recommended course of action.

2. Since you are Robin Hood’s most trusted advisor and are most knowledgeable about crafting and implementing effective strategies, he has called upon you to advise him on how to proceed in light of the situation. Within the next few hours, Robin Hood expects you to provide him with:

(a) A rundown of the issues he needs to address

(b) An appropriate action plan that includes:

• a mission,
• a set of performance objectives,
• a strategy for dealing with the issues/problems he confronts, and
• the action steps that will need to be taken to implement the strategy effectively.

Please provide supporting analysis and persuasive argument for your recommended course of action (you must convince him to do what you suggest!) and you need to be specific about what to do and how to do it.

Assignment questions for class discussion.

1. What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed?

The main problem is that Robin Hood and his band wants to defeat the Sheriff but they haven’t found how. He doesn’t know how to respond to this situation because the group is growing and therefore, the discipline is decreasing and so the vigilance. Also the food is being a problem because the band is getting larger they are exceeding the food capacity.

2. Do Robin Hood and the Merrymen need a new mission? new objectives? a new strategy?

First at all, they have to change the way they earn money from the travelers. Many travelers started to...

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