Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

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Terainui Johnston
ENG 315
Brother Peterson
Thursday September 19th, 2013

Critical Response Paper:
Robinson Crusoe’s story: A learned experience

Robinson Crusoe lived around the 17th century and it was kind of a time of many problems such as economic, political and that was mostly due to religious division. Because of those issues around, his youngest son should study in Law, but that was not what Robinson wanted. Robinson Crusoe’s experiences are definitely something we can relate to our own life, especially in a way that we may have some dreams and desires that need to be achieve and with that in mind someday; somehow we may have the courage and determination to achieve them. In fact from his story, we can find similarities as the stories in the bible, such as the prodigious son.
Robinson had a determination to go and see over the sea. His father was strongly disagree about this idea and wanted something else for his son. This situation can be similar to our own life where we tend to disapprove what can be the best for us or disagree of wise advice from those who have experiences. His father states that “he had found by long experience was the best suited in the world, the most suited to human happiness…” this statement is related to the conversation they both have concerning the idea of not going over sea. Along with that, we actually can see how his father emphasized on the fact that those who live in the riches things of the world acknowledge more miseries than those who do not “the middle station had the fewest disasters”, later on he even added “that boy might be happy if he would stay at home, but if he goes abroad he will be the miserablest wretch that was ever born”. This is quite a strong statement and it shows the great concern his father has for him. Robinson’s respect for his father was there but his dream was becoming greater.
However, this did not stop Robinson to still have this idea of leaving in his mind. He was definitely...

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