Robotics over Time

Robotics over Time

Robotics Over Time

BY: Jeiyd Sedgwick

Aristotle writes,

“If every tool, when ordered, or even of it’s own accord, could do the work that befits it… then there would be no need either of apprentices for the master workers or of slaves for the Lords.”

-hinting how nice it would be to have a few robots
around so they could do all our work

A Brief History

Robotics has been incorporated into our lives since 350 BC. It was 350 BC when Archytas, a famous mathematician, built a mechanical bird he called “The Pigeon.” “The Pigeon” was steam powered. It was a great introduction to robotics and technology. Also it was the first acclaimed model airplane.

Since ancient times, we have been using robotics to do a great number of things for us. From the easy to the hard, whether it’s vacuuming your carpet or pool, Canada making our mark on Mars, or exploring the depths of the Ocean, Robots do it all.

Health Care

Robotics and the study of robotics is one arm of technology. Robotics has helped us by giving us inventions which help us do our everyday activities or help us do what we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do because of being only human. Robotics has given us light into many of the things we see and do everyday.

One place of human need where robotics is used is modern day healthcare. In the 1500’s if you were feeling sick, it was thought you had too much blood and some was drained into a clay bowl. If you had a cut, ants with pincers were placed on the wound to hold it shut. Fortunately, these archaic methods are no longer applied in hospitals owned and operated by civilized people. Robotics has modernized healthcare.

A fine example of robotics helping in the healthcare field would be using robotically powered scopes to look inside us and see how the organs and blood are healthy or unhealthy. Another example is the operation of finely tuned high resolution beta cameras for a direct measurement of...

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