Roger's Chocolate

Roger's Chocolate

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T history T
Rogers’ Chocolates was founded in 1885 by Charles W. (Candy) Rogers. What began in his small shop in busy downtown Victoria has become one of the finest chocolate companies in the world. Surprisingly little has changed over the years — from our flag ship heritage store to the delicious time-honoured recipes. From our family to yours — enjoy!

taste a piece of

w w w. r o g e r s c h o c o l at e s . c o m 1.800.663.2220
Your AssurAnce of QuAlitY
For over a century, Rogers’ Chocolates has been known for quality and excellence. Our products leave us in fresh and perfect condition. If your product has been damaged in any way, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a replacement.

Votre AssurAnce de QuAlité
Depuis plus de cent ans, les chocolats Rogers’ jouissent d’une réputation de qualité et d’excellence. Nos produits quittent nos installations parfaitement emballés et frais. Si votre produit a subi quelconque dommage, veuillez nous contacter et nous le remplacerons de bon gré pour vous.

christmas gift ideas
We’re bringing back some old favourites! Limited quantities available, place your order early to secure one.



A Premiere gift box
Item # 50019 (120 chocolates) 60.6 oz/1.72kg $119.99

b deluxe assortment
Item # 50350 (56 chocolates) 28.8oz/850g $59.99

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christmas gift ideas
a large seasonal

gift box
Rogers’ signature collection of milk and dark chocolates including a variety of Victoria creams, caramels, chews and hand-wrapped pieces. Milk & Dark Item #52207 (22...

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