Role of Language in the Developments of Individuals

Role of Language in the Developments of Individuals

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ROLE OF LANGUAGE IN THE DEVELOPMENTS OF INDIVIDUALS • Importance of language: - Language is one of the indicators of the development of human civilization. Language is man made. Communication is one of the basic, social and emotional needs of the individuals. Only human beings have the most refined system of communication and language is the means to it. Any individual irrespective of his social and educational status needs to learn at least one language. Even children with special needs also require in learn any one of the languages. Language plays an important role in the development of the individual. Let us see the role of language in the development of the various aspects of human personality.

• Language and Intellectual Development:a) Language is an aid to the acquisition of knowledge from various disciplines like philosophy., psychology, literature and other social and natural sciences. These disciplines enrich the intellectual life of the Individuals. b) Language helps in the cognitive development. The various cognitive functions Like acquiring knowledge, comprehension, applying knowledge to new situation, critically analyzing and synthesizing as well as evaluating various phenomenon processes, concepts etc. are not possible without language. Language is a vehicle of thoughts. It is the basis of logical thinking and rationalization. It helps in abstract thinking and imagination. The process of language acquisition is also indicative of intelligence and intellectuality. Language helps the speaker to undertake several studies and research projects to make value addition to the existing reservoir of knowledge.



In this way language helps in the intellectual development of the individuals. • Language and literally development:

a) Literature is one of the finest aspects of the development of the human civilization. It is beautifully interwoven with the different aspects of our life. b) Literature provides wonderful movements of joy and...

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