Roles and responsibilities of a teacher

Roles and responsibilities of a teacher

1.1 Explain the Teachers Role & Responsibilities in Education & Training

Within further or adult education a teacher adopts many roles and they vary from one learning establishment to another. But in most establishments teachers are responsible for the student’s progress in their studies and their well-being. Although no two individuals are the same, it is the way a teacher implements these tasks that may make them an effective teacher.

The role of the teacher has alway been considered a provider of information where the teacher was considered the subject matter expert and knew everything there was to know about the subject they were teaching. The image we all had of a classroom was a teacher stood in front of their class with the students all lined up in neat rows with the teacher passing on the required knowledge to the students whilst the students listened avidly and took notes for revision purposes later.

With modern teaching methods this is no longer the case and a teachers role is now more the role of a facilitator who has the responsibility to assist the students to learn for themselves in which ever learning style is best suited to their needs. This whole concept has changed the dynamics of the way we teach, including the layout of the classroom, students doing collective work in groups or even in another part of the school. Some students will be writing whilst others are doing practical work or in the library doing research.

The change from traditional teaching can be put down to a number of factors such as the fact that not all students learn in the same manner whilst other students will absorb information faster than others. So the traditional role of the teacher stood in front of the class lecturing will not benefit all students and allow some to keep pace with the programme whilst other will fall behind as they are struggling with the teaching style.

One of the main responsibilities of the teacher in education is as an information...

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