Roles Rseposibities and Boundries

Roles Rseposibities and Boundries

Assignment 1.1
Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training.

Role, responsibilities and boundaries are key parts of a teacher’s role as an educator, which are used within the assessment framework of a teacher/training cycle. A graphic design tutor’s role is varied, it is not solely to impart knowledge and skills to students, but to inspire them to be creative, and using that creativity find solutions of their own.

According to Marshall, B. 2006, p15, “Perhaps the most important is passing on what they know about a certain area or subject and ensuring that learners have enough practice and motivation to pass the course.” As a graphic design teacher, I will identify the students’ needs and abilities through lesson planning, assignments and continual assessments. Encourage innovation and be a keen supporter or motivator, whilst catering to the special needs of all the students. Record keeping, administration, organisation and planning are essential to the development of a course and to help to gauge whether the learner’s have learnt from the sessions.

The teacher has a responsibility to prepare for lessons, make sure they are meaningful and have clear aims and objectives for each session. It is crucial to be a good communicator and to encourage debate within the classroom that leads to deeper understanding of the graphic design field.

Kelley-Browne, 2007, p18, states “One of the core professional values expected of teachers in the school context is that of demonstrating awareness and consideration for the social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds of the pupils they teach.” Every student should be treated equally through equal opportunities and ensuring the health and safety of the group.

The graphic design industry can be quite varied ranging through packaging, branding, web design, advertising, television graphics and print, as part...

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