Roller Skin Protection Can Prolong Roller Crusher Service Life

Roller Skin Protection Can Prolong Roller Crusher Service Life

Do you have a knowledge of ways of prolonging roller crusher service life. Here I will tell you one. Roller skin protection prolongs roller crusher service life.

Roller crusher is mainly used to do medium and fine crushing in the fields of cement and silicate ,the crushing roller is the key component in roller crusher,Fote crushing roller is consisted of Shaft, wheel hub and roller skin.the abrasion of roller skin has close relationship with roller crusher production capacity,only the roller is in good working condition,can the roller crusher have high production capacity. How to properly protect roller skin from abrasion? Fote company analysis the potential factors of roller crusher for clients,such as hardness,granularity size,roller specification and vibrating feeding methods etc.the operation regulation as following steps:

Firstly, when roller crusher works,the vibrating feeding should convey the material distribution balanced, so as to reduce the roll skin abrasion; on the second,when roller crusher do the coarse crushing process,we must pay attention to the feeding size and hardness of rocks,make sure feeding materials within max feeding size.Thirdly choose the roller skin with good wear resistance, can reduce the wear degree of roll skin, which can prolong the service life of roller crusher.Last but not least,operators should also pay attention to the lubrication of the roller crusher, and set the inspection hole on the safety cover, it is convenient to observe the abrasion of roller crusher

Fote compnay designs and manufactures high efficient roller crusher,which greatly improves the production capacity and also energy-saving.Our engineers and technicians introduce the advanced technologies and do the optimization of roller crusher structure and roller crusher crushing cavity,the existing problem has been resolved.Roller crusher has more market shares in the competitive for Fote core technique.
Fote Machinery lays much emphasis on the machine...

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