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One place in this world that could take your breathe away is Rome, Italy. While I was in Rome I was able to absorb so much, whether it was the food, history, or culture.

As I stepped of the train in Rome, Italy, I saw a big sign that said “Bevenuto a Roma” which means welcome to Rome. As I walk out the train station I see a bunch of cafes. The air smells like espresso. The sun is shining bright and the temperature is around 78 degrees.

I walk about four blocks west, and I see my first glimpse of the Coliseum. It’s very grey as the marble it was made out of has been stained with dirt of the years. All around the Coliseum there is men dressed up like the Roman Gladiators. There is vendors selling souvenirs.

Another few blocks west I find the Vatican. As I walk in I see the famous Michelangelo murals on the ceiling. Now when I saw the paintings I was speechless. All around the Vatican you see the traditional Swiss army guards. They have 15th century pikes in hand, while wearing the traditional red, yellow and blue strip uniforms.

On the way back to the train station I come across the old Caesars forum. Some of the pillarss are only half as tall as they use to be. Grass and moss has covered the very bottom of the pillars. The very top of Caesars palace you see a gold chariot.

So during my trip to Rome, I was able to get a taste of the rich history the city had to offer. I was amazed on how much of the history was preserved.