Romance and Prostitution

Romance and Prostitution

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1. Romance and Prostitution

2. Industrial Revolution (working in factories)

a. Labor treadmill – became part of their life

3. Men’s bad actions

a. Poor treatment of wives and children

b. Crimes

c. No connections with their spirits

d. Negative personal values

e. ToP- 148

4. Use in Battle – ToP 152

5. Barters and Slaves

• Alcohol had an incomparably larger place in the lives of the proletariat than it did among the bourgeoisie (ToP 149)

• Wine – preferred beverage of the European aristocracy

• Commoners mostly drank locally brewed ale or beer

• Safe, germ-free alternative to polluted water

o “Single greatest menace to human health since the advent of civilization (FOB 10)

• The mass production of spirits and fortification of wines exacerbated drunkenness and alcoholism in European and non-European societies (FOB 13)

• Everywhere the cultural norms and social circumstances of those who were exposed to liquor, as well as those who did the exposing, influenced the prevalence of problem drinking (FOB 14)

• Technological change continuously raises the human stake (FOB 14)

o When familiar drugs are processed in unfamiliar ways, increasing their potency to unprecedented levels, heightened abuse inevitably, if not always evenly follows (FOB 14)


Prostitution FOB 145

• Liquor was intertwined with prostitution

• Men didn’t just stroll into her brothel

• First went to the saloon and worked up their nerves with alcohol

• Women would try to reduce their intake


• Spirits conferred protection against food-borne disease like hepatitis

• People would drink brandy to get better: wine glass full of brandy every quarter-hour until cured (FOB 73)

• Gin was very inexpensive – gin binges

• Rendered men unable to work while destroying their sense of fear and shame (FOB 75)

• Direct...

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