There is a large amount of real time data from multiple supermarkets, groceries and retailers with various specials and discounts. They are currently either in the form of paper catalogues or can be analyzed through their respective individual official websites. Consumers spend a lot of time running through either of these two methods of communication as well as comparing the prices offered between the individual retailers. However this takes up a lot of time and sometimes they may not be able to compare efficiently between the competing prices and therefore lose out on a special discount or offer.

 Why it is a problem
Consumers are missing out on specials and discounts due to a lack of an efficient and easier means of comparing the same.

How the problem will be solved

Building a real time application that aggregates all the specials from a particular location, then providing a recommendation as to where the consumer would ideally need to shop in order to make full use of discounts and reduced prices. The recommendation will be based on the shopping list entered in by the consumers on the app.

Furthermore SMEs who are not able to compete with the market shareholders or supermarket giants such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi etc. may get a chance to put out their prices in competition to them. This will help SMEs such as local butchers, small groceries, small bakery etc. to put out their specials to a wider audience threw the app. This would also possibly help develop the economy and improve local businesses if implemented on a larger scale.

Example of how the idea works.

Keeping it simple have a shopping list of 2 items say shampoo and cereals.
When I put my shopping list of two items on the app. The app would run and analyze all the specials or reduced prices for these particular items and provide the recommendation for which supermarket has the reduced price. So if Coles for example has both these items on special but none of the...