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How good were the romans at building?

The Romans were very good at building things, roads, walls, bridges, buildings.
Roman soldiers were very well trained and the were always lots of men to help with the building. When the Romans built anything they always used the best materials and did everything properly and did not rush anything. It was the Romans who invented concrete. This meant the Roman’s could build much bigger buildings than anyone could have done before. The Romans also knew that if they built arches in their buildings that it would make them stronger.
Hadrians wall was one of the most famous buildings that the Romans built. The wall was built between England and Scotland and it was called Hadrians wall after the Roman Emperor that ordered it to me built. Building started in 120AD and it took the Roman’s nine years to build it. The wall was built to help to protect England from the picts and Scots, both tribes who lived in Scotland. The wall was 100km across Britain and was five metres high and four metres wide. You can still see parts of the wall today and it is 2000 years since it was built.
The Roman’s later built another wall the Antonine wall 142 AD. It was between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I think the Roman’s thought that a wall was a good idea of protecting a certain area. At the time it did work, but wouldn’t be as successful today.

The Romans were also very good at building bridges. They were particularly good at Aquaducts. The Roman’s built bridges all over Europe and there was one they built in Pont du Gard in southern France. It had three bridges, one for people, one for water and one chariots.

The Roman’s built hundreds of aquaducts throughout the Roman Empire. They built aquaducts to make sure there was always a constant supply of water to towns and cities, for the public baths, fountains and houses.

Roman Roads
The Roman’s were also excellent at building Roman Roads. The Roman’s needed to be...

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