Romeo and Juliet Comparison

Romeo and Juliet Comparison

Romeo & Juliet and the West Side Story

Romeo and Juliet, the West Side Story, both amazing stories both end in tragedy, one more some on less. They were both different, yet based on the same story line. There were a lot of similar things and a lot of different things. You will soon learn the differences, the similarities and the different atmosphere within each story.

Romeo and Juliet takes place in a time, where guns and basic engineering had not been introduced. Where swords and daggers were used to enforce law. And disobeying the law would get you hung, or banished. Within this world, to families with a ravage feud, disrupted the normal peace in the city. The feud had been going on for centuries, the cause was unknown. Two lovers, oblivious to the others heritage, fell in love. They kissed and rejoiced, before knowing the others name. Soon they learned of the others heritage, but it was too late to back out of such love. Romeo leaped the Capulet walls, and listen to Juliet pour out her love for him. By the next day, they were scheduled for marriage, and would be married soon. After the marriage, Romeo was as happy as could be. He met Tybalt, a Capulet, and greeted him with open arms. A friend of Romeo began to fight Tybalt though, and was slain. Although Romeo's love was unmatched by any other, he could not let his friend die, and do nothing. He slew Tybalt and cursed himself for doing so afterwards, the Prince banished Romeo. In his place of banishment. Juliet is angered with Romeo but soon find that he did it because Tybalt killed his friend. He heard news of Juliet's death. He raced back to the town to be with his wife. And drank poison in an effort to bring them together in the beyond. Juliet wasn't really dead, and when she awakened, and found Romeo she could not control her feelings, she acted quickly, and killed herself so she could be with him.

The West Side Story takes place in a...

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