Romeo and Juliet2

Romeo and Juliet2

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romeo - montague

Romeo at the begginning, is an immature and impulsive boy, who imagines to be in love with Rosaline. (CHARACTER UNKNOWN) His talk is full of knowledge and artificial expression of emotion and he seems to be enjoying self-pity. When he meets Juliet, he naturally falls in love with her, this has a dramatic effect on his character. He becomes more mature, and even attempts to make peace with Tybalt, Juliets argumentative and aggressive cousin. He changes from being a light-hearted-man about town to being a serious and determined man. The audience knows that Romeo has just married Juliet. Because Juliet is Tybalts cousin, Romeo will not fight someone who is now a member of his family. Tybalt however does not know this of-course, and so he can't understand why Romeo will not be persuaded into a fight. Mercutio is disgusted at Romeo and thinks he is submitting to Tybalts insults in a shameful way, and Mercutio quarrels with Tybalt instead, which leads into a fight. Mercutio is killed by Tybalt and Romeo kills him for revenge, he is then banished from Verona by Prince Escalus.

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tybalt - capulet

Tybalt means, good king of cats, and has nine lives. Therefores Shakespeare has given this character such a name, to show the audience that he is aggressive, alight, eagle-eyed and more of a street-fighter. Tybalt is Juliets cousin, he is a very to dimensional person, who seems to have an endless talent and ability for arguing and fighting. Tybalt wants a fight with Romeo who gate-crashed the Capulet party, even though Tybalt was explained by his uncle that it was fine for Romeo to come. The exchange of insults between Mercutio and Tybalt shows how both of them will pick up a fight for nothing. Benvolio warns them, quote 'all eyes gaze on us' but they don't care. In a case Tybalt is more interested in quarreling with Romeo who enters at this moment.

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