Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

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Amal: Amal is a pretty happy person, she likes her privacy and her friend mean everything to her. She’s a very family orientated girl who is smart, decent & loyal.

Amal’s Parents: Amal’s parents are really understanding, they know what’s best for Amal and that’s all they can ask for her. They may be a bit overprotecting sometimes, but it’s for the best.

Leila: Leila has a lot of pressure to excel in her work at school and he parents really just want her to get married. She begins finding it hard to handle and she runs away.

Yasmeen: Yasmine goes “full time” wearing the hijab, and she is very religious. She’s from Amal’s old school so she is one of Amal’s closest, older friends who has a strong friendship with Amal.

Simone: Simone is really self-conscious about her weight. She’s always switching from diet to diet and complaining about how it never works. She worries too much about her figure.

Eileen: Eileen is Amal’s Japanese friend. Eileen is funny and a really happy girl. Her and Amal are best friends.

Adam: Adam and Amal have a bit of a thing going on which Amal denies. She has a crush on him and they are science experiment partners. They both have feelings for each other but it is against Amal’s religion to take her feelings further.

Discussion/Writing Activity.

a) People may be discriminated against because of perhaps their height, weight, appearance, background, religion, race, hometown, their job or family.
b) I have not experienced discrimination and cannot think of a friend or family member that has either but when I was on my holiday to Sydney, I did notice that almost everywhere had stairs, like to the monorail, the train station and to all the shops, which is a discrimination to disabled people.

Thinking Tasks – Amal/Adam Friendship.
Adam and amal have a strange friendship. Amal really likes Adam and he really likes her too. The night the go to a party, she is going crazy with thoughts hearing rumours and not being...

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