Ronald Reagen's Acts of Service

Ronald Reagen's Acts of Service

Ronald Reagen's Acts Of Service

I. The Dawn of a New Decade

The decade of the 1980s dawned on an America of deepening despair and faltering faith. Unemployment and inflation were each at record highs and showed no visible signs of forthcoming descent. The American military was in a state of disrepair and in dire need of resuscitation and redirection. Meanwhile, Soviet fleets flourished and Communism marched across the borders of Africa and Central America.

America had suffered greatly in the two decades preceding the 1980s. During the civil disturbances and Vietnam controversies that marked the era of the 1960s she had lost much of her faith in her laws. The subsequent Watergate scandal of the 1970s saw her lose most of her faith in her leaders. By 1980, America had very little remaining faith in herself and the foundations of freedom and justice for which she had conventionally stood. By 1980, America needed a hero.
That hero came in the form of Ronald Reagan, who took the oath of office as the fortieth president of the United States in January of 1981.

II. Faith Restored & Freedom Redefined - The Reagan Era

President Ronald Reagan brought with him into the White House a set of small town values mixed with a fierce and strong national pride that spoke to the hearts of an America that was sorely short on both. Right away, he began to approach America's economic problems through a combination of tax cuts and government expenditures that were soon to be dubbed "Reaganomics". Although bitingly referred to as "voodoo economics" by those who opposed his policies, the system of Reaganomics proved unique and effective in placing America on the road to not only economic recovery, but also a surge in economic prosperity

President Reagan's eloquence at speaking, perfected by his background in radio and television broadcasting, along with his polished skills of tactful negotiation, soon earned him the nickname of "The Great...

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