Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

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Rosemary’s baby.

Ira Levin.

First year of publication:
This book is publiced in 1965

Number of pages:

Rosemary Woodhouse: She’s 25 years old and married. She loves her husband, and wants children with him. She’s a naiif person, because she won’t believe that her husband is lying to her, and believes everything what the doctor or neighbours give her or tell her. She’s the most important character in this book.

Guy Woodhouse/Sherman Peden: he’s 34 year’s old. He’s an handsome actor from Baltimore. He lies to Rosemary and does not take good care for her.

Minnie and Roman Castevet: leaders os a witch group. They are the neighbours from Rosemary and Guy in Bramford. They looks like old nosy people and are a sort of parents for guy. Rosermary don’t like them but becaus of guy she like them.

The story is set in New York City, at an appartement-complex calles the Bramford. It’s very dark and a sad place. They live at number 7E and Minnie and Roman at 7A.
The story takes place in 1965.

The story is about 10 months. The story begins when she isn’t pregnant yet. Alittle before her pregnance. And it ends a few days after the birth of her child.

The book is writen in the third person. This hasn’t got much influence on the book.

The story is chronological with some flashbacks to the past, but thye haven’t got much influence on the book.

The title refers to the baby that Rosemary bears at the and of the book. There are three parts in the book: part one discribes the relationship between Rosemary and guy, and Rosermary’s wish of a baby. At the end of this part Rosemary is pregnant.
Part two is all about her pregnancy. And in part thre she bears and delivers the baby.

The theme of this book is evil and witchkraft. Hutch warns rosemary and guy when they want to live in an apartment where had happened soms strange things. He thinks it’s a sign...

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