Roswell story1947

Roswell story1947

Ms. Garno


23 July 2013

Research Paper: Roswell, New Mexico Crash of ‘47

Do you know what happened exactly on July 7th, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico? Supposedly a UFO was spotted and it crash landed to the ground. People call it the most well known conspiracy-theories of America. Given that, a lot of people come up with their own theories on what really happened and how it happened. There are factual theories, and there are not factual theories. You just need to know who you can trust with the information.
It was just a normal day. During the first week of July, 1947 sheep rancher William W. "Mac" Brazel was making his rounds of the Foster Ranch, located near Corona. Brazel served as foreman of the facility. Brazel lived on the ranch in a farm house, although his wife and children lived in Tularosa, to receive better schooling for his children. Brazel would become a major figure in the Roswell case, although he never desired the attention it sent his way. People were just letting off the last of their fireworks from the fourth of July holiday weekend. When the evening came rolling around just beside the farm ranch, in the heart of Roswell, New Mexico, an unidentified object came falling out of the sky and crashed near the ranch. Brazel, home for the night, was listening to a roaring thunderstorm, not uncommon for his location, but this night it seemed worse than ever. He thought that maybe he had heard an explosion. The next morning, he was out again, checking the livestock, and riding fences for any breaks. A seven-year-old neighbor boy was with him. Riding into an open field, the two horsemen noticed a large area filled with some type of debris or wreckage. The wreckage was tiny pieces of shiny, metallic material. This material was unfamiliar to the rancher. He collected some of the debris and took it to the Sheriff’s office. He then realized the metal he was in possession with, is something he had never seen before. The government...