Rotary Conical blender functions, structural attributes, item performance advantages and key components

Rotary Conical blender functions, structural attributes, item performance advantages and key components

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Horizontal mixing machine is composed of U shaped container, screw with mixing blades and driving components; lengthy cylinder structure of U shape, which was mixed components (powder, semi fluid) within the little resistance movement in cylinder. Constructive and adverse rotation ribbon installed on the similar horizontal axis, forming a low energy effective mixed atmosphere, spiral ribbon blade is produced of two or three layers, the outer spiral material collected from both sides for the central, inner spiral material transport from the center to both sides, could make the material to type extra vortex in flow, speed up the mixing speed, increase the mixing uniformity; the belt wheel drives the cycloid reducer drive, compared with all the significant torque with the gear reducer, belt drive elastic connection protection transmission elements in overload advantage.
Most important makes use of:

This machine is made for rural farmers, modest farms, tiny and medium-sized feed plant style of little feed processing equipment, is usually a double helical ribbon horizontal mixer, its function should be to make the powder, liquid mixing various components evenly, has wide applicability, mixing uniformity is very good, the material characteristics, much less residue easy upkeep and so on, is powdery material, Rotary Conical blender, wood powder solidified biomass fuel (straw coal) mixed processing on the vital gear.

Primary attributes:

The material can be totally mixed, thereby enhancing the mixing uniformity; the novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance on the rotor plus the shell may be to close to zero, properly reduce the material residue; oil adding pipe are arranged within the machine, the overall structure is extra affordable, gorgeous look, hassle-free operation and repair. The machine has compact structure, high strength, wear resistance, low energy consumption, extended...

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