Rov Intro

Rov Intro

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The Date of Birth project was a very sophisticated project that involved circuitry, wiring, breadboarding, and multisim. I found this project to be quite a challenge and also a great learning experience. I started off with just a computer and a breadboard and progressed from there. I started with the Multisim because of what we were assigned. I did an AOI circuit first then continued onward to do a NAND & NOR circuit. Afterwards, I started my breadboarding. This was not as bad as it looked but some problems did come across. I also took some pictures of my breadboard to show my work and progress. These were all put inside of an Engineering notebook to proof my work progress. My goal was for the breadboard to display my date of birth on a seven segment display 03-26-96.

With all success there comes obstacles, when it came to multisim the troubleshooting didn’t come as much as a problem as breadboarding did. Multisim, I only had to rewire 2 circuits and change some components. When it came to breadboarding there was a lot of problems I had. First, I had lots of short wire and had to cut more which wasn’t much of a big deal. Next, I assumed my seven segment display was malfunctioning but it turned out I didn’t have a ground connected to it but that was also quickly resolved. Afterwards when I connected my seven segment display and IC chips I did some trial and error wiring and soon figured out what I was doing. My seven segment display had some trouble with it because it wasn’t displaying the right numbers, for instance, it displayed a 6 when it should have displayed a 3. I ended up using a different seven segment display and it worked out well.

Tools List:
Multisim 11.0
Microsoft Office Word 2007
IC Chips (74LS08N, 74LS32N)
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Measuring Tape

In conclusion, this project was a little tricky but with a bit of patience, I was able to manage to pull it...

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