Rtcs Memo

Rtcs Memo

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To: Digital Ranges Manager RTSC

From: Lead Operations Technician RTSC

Subject: Conduct Guidance for Operational Team Survey Visit to Kuwait Digital Range Branch (KDRB), Jahra, Kuwait

This memo’s purpose is to outline and inform higher management and the traveling survey team on the basic verbal, nonverbal communication, customs and courtesies of the Kuwaiti people in anticipation of the Operational Survey Team’s tour of the Kuwait Digital Range located in the Jahra Provence in Kuwait next month. This memo will identify and explain proper conduct in order to build confidence in out Kuwaiti partners and enhance teamwork and relations between the Operations Team and their counter parts at the KDRB. The following guidance is submitted to prevent offending our partners and to present our team in the professional and understanding manner that our customers have counted on for the past ten years. Most of this guidance will involve the avoidance of nonverbal communication that may be deemed by the Kuwaitis as unacceptable or offensive. This memo is broke down into three basic sections: demographics, verbal communication, and nonverbal communication


Kuwait’s population level is about 1.6 million. The largest ethnic groups are Kuwaitis and Arabs. They make up about 67% of the population. The rest of the population is a mixture of Iranians, Asians, and other ethnic groups. Arabic is the official language, however English is widely spoken. Islam is the main religion however about 15 percent of the population are Christians. The population has a diverse variety of education levels including professional, technical, and vocational educational backgrounds.

Verbal Communication
Despite the fact that many Kuwaitis wear western dress, speak English, and observe a number of western customs and business practices, there are a number of social customs which if not observed and can cause offense. These practices should be observed...

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