Rubin Carter

Rubin Carter

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Primary Sources

Johnston, Richard J. H. Bar Patrons Recall '66 Shooting In a 'Quiet Neighborhood Place'. (September 30, 1974). New York Times
This article was written during a time of racial discrimination. This article exposes the scene of the crime, it talks about how it was a quiet place and there wasn’t much profit in the Lafayette Bar & Grill to want to be robbed. Also this talked about how Rubin Carter was making a lot of money in the ring as a boxer which would not make sense for Rubin to shoot these innocent people in this bar for only $40.

Raab, Selwyn Murder Case Witnesses Recant 7 Years After 2 Got Life Terms. (September 27, 1974). New York Times
We used this article because it is all about the two witnesses who testified against Rubin Carter and Artis and how after 7 years, they had both confessed that they had been pressured by the Passaic County Police with bribes. Also these two witnesses were already criminals which doesn’t make them sound like honest people. Both of these witnesses hadn’t known that the other was being questioned as well and they both had confessed to this while one witness also had mentioned that the detectives had made racial slurs about the two defendants.

Raab, Selwyn Tape Cited as Evidence Police Coerced Carter Witness. (October 31, 1974). New York Times
This article is about a tape recording that reveals that the two witnesses that testified against Rubin Carter and John Artis had been robbing a nearby factory to the Lafayette Bar and Grill. When these two confessed to their robbery and had talked with police, the police bribed these two by dropping their charges and with money rewards to testify against these two innocent men. The tape that was evidence also reveals that he police had helped these two witnesses by telling them what they should say showing that their testimonies were set up and the two convicted men were framed.

Secondary Sources

Hirsch, James S....

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