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Imaginative (Short Story) Writing Rubric

The Assignment:

Write an imaginative story to enlighten and entertain through characterization and theme! The story should be fiction (made up). Your setting and characters can be completely imaginary or modeled after places and people you know. The final draft of the story will be typed and illustrated.

* The story must be between 250 and 500 words.
* Your story must fit on a plot diagram with all plot elements included.
* You must include dialogue.
* You must write at least one type of conflict into your story.
* You must include at least three literary devices.
* You must create a creative and appropriate title for your story.
* The story must be typed. You will have class time in a computer lab for this.
* The story’s plot must be “G” rated.

Graded Elements of the Assignment:

* 1st Draft and sketches (in journal) – quiz grade
* 2nd Draft and sketches (in writing folder) – quiz grade
* Storyboard, Notes and Ideas to expand your story (in writing folder) – quiz grade
* Peer Review (in writing folder) – quiz grade
* Final Draft with illustrations (in writing folder) – test/major project grade

Project Timeline (due dates):

* Preliminary work – week one of project, brainstorming: October 15-17
* 1st Draft with sketches: Friday, October 19
* 2nd Draft with sketches: Monday, October 29
* Storyboard, Notes, Ideas (including “What ifs?”): Tuesday, October 30
* Peer Review: Wednesday, October 31
* Final Draft with illustrations: Friday, November 9


* Title font style and size: Font style of your choice, no larger than 18 point size
* Body text font style and size: Times New Roman, no larger than 13 point size
* Publication type: Be creative with this – traditional, brochure, newsletter, etc.

Imaginative Story Rubric
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