Rules Layout

Rules Layout

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Don’t Forget The Lines Contest

Contestants try to remember the words to a list of 10 songs . Each contestant will be challenged to provide the next set of words that make up the song. The songs from levels 1 thru 10 will have anywhere from 4 to 12 words omitted. If the contestant can correctly identify all of the next set of required words they will ascend their way to the top level. Once at the top level the contestant will be required to complete the missing words to a Random song and category. This final level will contain the grand prize*.

Life Lines:
Contestants will be provided with 3 life lines. These 3 life lines will give them the opportunity to provide the correct answer when they are stuck. Once the life lines are exhausted the contestant must attempt to complete the levels with out anymore assistance. The available life lines and how they work are listed below.

Ask the Audience:
The “Ask The Audience” life line is used by asking the audience for help in providing the proper missing words to the song by choosing the correct missing combination of words from a list of multiple choices. If the audience chooses the correct combination of missing words and the contestant chooses to proceed with the audiences answer the contestant continues on to the next level of the game. If the audience does not choose the correct answer and the contestant chooses to proceed with the audiences answer the contestant loses the contest and does not proceed to the next level. The “Ask The Audience” life line can only be used once. While the contestant has chosen to use the “Ask The Audience life” line they are not obligated to agree with the audience and can choose the answer they believe to be the correct answer. Again if the contestant chooses an answer that is incorrect they will in effect lose the contest.

Choose Your Fate:
The “Choose Your Fate” life line is used by choosing the correct arrangement of missing words from a list of 4...

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