Running Secrets

Running Secrets

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#1 Speed Training Workout for Faster Muscles in Record Time!
“The Best Kept Speed Training Secret”

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“We’ll bring you up to speed!”™

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Table of Contents
Introduction Fundamentals of Muscular Contraction, Isometrics and The Resistance Band The Speed Training Challenge - You are about to experience the fastest and easiest way to increase your sprinting speed Speed Training Seminar Transcript - Session 1: Isometrics and The Resistance Band For Fast Muscle Speed The Most Important Muscle Group in Sprinting is Being Ignored - The only weight machine in the gym for the most important muscle in running speed is never used by guys. Read online at : The 3 Types of Muscle Contractions & Training For All Three - Your best sports performance is achieved when training your muscles with all three contraction types! Read online at: The Running Process – Identify and train the correct muscles used in sprinting. Read online at: Muscle Contraction, Speed Training and Sports Anatomy - The different muscle fiber types and getting the most speed out of your muscles. Read online at: Make Your Muscles Faster and Quicker in All Your Sports Skills

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Dr. Larry Van Such, DC, BE, EE Dear Athlete, Thank you for your interest in The #1 Speed Training Workout For Faster Muscles In Record Time! Perhaps the best kept speed training secret ever. It is my sincere...

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