Running Up the Stairs

Running Up the Stairs

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On December 31,2003 at 9:oopm,

Have you ever felt scared or nervous or maybe just excited and your hart is pounding really,really fast and hearing all that loudness of hearing the dirt bikes reving there engines welt let me tell you about a teenage boy who wants to sponsored and becomes a pro ridder.

Its 5:00am in Sansinfrisco Californa and it’s Travis Pastranas birthday and his parents are setting things up for him and he is in bed sleepin and thinks that his famliey has totally forgoton about his birthday. Now after his parents have gotten ready and has all the presents out Travis wakes up at 7:00am like usauwall and gets out of bedand starts to head dowen the stairs to see what is for breakfast. When he got to the kitchen all of his family say “Happy Birthday Travis” and he was so surprised that they did not forget about his birthday.

After he sat dowen for breakfast his parents took him to into the living room whear all of his presents were except foe one that his dad gave him. When he oppend his presents he got a dirt bike helmet that was yellow,and some pants, some gloves, and a chestpertector. Whe he was don his dad took him out side into the gaerauge and then there was a yellow 125 Sizsuki dirt bike that his dad got him and it had a little envilope tighted on to the handlebars and when he opened it, it was a sighn up sheet for him to go and tryout in Montreal Canida at the bell center to see if he could get sponsored by Fox Racing.

After getting don reading it he asked his dad to see if he could go and his dad said yes. Then Travis went running up the stairs with excitement to pack for a week. When he was done packing all his equipment and clothes he grapped his dirtbike and put it in the back of his dads truck and went back in tobrush his teeth so he could go. After getting that don he went dowen stairs and told everyone thank you for the gifts and they said “your welcome” And Travis said “by everyone see you in a week” and then he...

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