Russia Openning Speech

Russia Openning Speech


Honorable chairs and fellow delegates:

The delegation of Russia is delighted to have the opportunity to take part in this prestigious conference, this delegation looks forward and expect to debate and hopefully solve major problems that we are endangering the whole world nowadays.

Today we are going to discuss two major problems:
The first one, the global problem of gender inequality, and with it chauvinism cultures, discrimination, religion and basic human rights such as politics, education, and employment. The delegation of Russia believes in the equality of gender, believes that is crucial for advancing as a civilization and believes that if we get to a common agreement, with stronger laws and more educational issues involved in it, with more values such as tolerance and respect we can get to a deal.
Additionally, our second theme is a complex and delicate issue, that is actually happening; (WWIII) Third World War. This delegation is strongly trying to be diplomatic in front of the theme, because as everyone knows, Russia is one of the countries that has the possibility of starting this. The point of view of this delegation, is clear, protect the government of the actual president of Syria Bashar al-Assad, and make the world respect his polity beware if it is good or bad. Although, made meditate the delegates about the use of petroleum, which for being honest is one of the principal causes of this war. Finally defending my allies, and the Syrian territory which is trying to be take by illegal armed groups and double moralist allied countries that only think on their benefit and on the possibilities for starting this unnecessarily war to obtain advantages of it.
The delegation of Russia want to clarify, that will try to be the most diplomatic it can, but if the debate goes wrong, the delegation will take external measures to control and finish this problem.
Thank you.

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