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Because the stories are published in different periods the actions and the contents are different. The short stories have been affected by the author’s life, conflicts and wars that have ravaged (reivarged) the country.

- The last leaf was published in 1907 by O henry. He was living in New York at the time the story was written. The story was written three years before his death.. My theory is that maybe he wrote the last leaf because he felt that he was in the same situation as the main characters in the story. Because he was dying and know that he had not many years left to live. His health was really bad his three last years of his life. And her wife left him and had complications of diabetes and a weak heart had affection on himself personal and also his writing.

- O henry lived between 1862 and 1910.
- O henry lived in New York in the period of 1902-1910.

1) What is the setting?
The last leaf takes place in a small part called greenitch village in New York City in 1899. Here we have an example that O Henry have wrote about his new hometown, and again set himself in position of the story.

2) Who are the main characters?
The main characters are Sue, Johnsy and Mr. Behrman.
- Sue is sensitive and emotional and a good friend of Johnsy. They live together in an artist colony.
- Johnsy becomes sick with the disease pneumonia. She is very weak in the beginning, but it changes afterwards. Then she becomes strong.
- Mr. Behrman is an old man who lives in the apartment below Sue and Johnsy. He is a painter. Mr Behrman can be compared to O Henry. They both like art and they are also very particular. O Henry is also similar in addition to the other main characters, like Johnsy who become sick.

3) Describe the plot
The last leaf is about Johnsy getting sick with pneumonia. She lies in her bed and waiting for the last leaf to fall from the tree outside her window, when she though she going to die. The leaf...