RWT1 Tips

RWT1 Tips

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Go to the webinar & check the student community. The way I worked it:
1) Pick a subject that is easy for you (I picked compensation strategies).
2) Find 3 points you want to cover (I chose Performance Related Pay, Hourly Wages, & Salary).
3) Search for information on each point, then make the source document (I updated this as I went along because I realized some sources didn't have enough information, but having a few sources to start will help).
4) Write on the topics and analyze
5) Do the recommendations & conclusion
6) Go back & do the intro
7) Do the executive summary
8) Powerpoint Time - I cut a lot of filler text here. I followed the 6*6*1 rule no more than 6 words per line & no more than 6 lines per slide. Grammar is not important because, if you were presenting this, you would go off notes. Yes some slides I broke the rule (7-10 words or 7-8 lines), but that is a good rule to have.
I passed on my first submission. Good luck to everyone out there working on this class! Keep writing new tips, people!

Just remember, that when you are done you will end up with 3 main points with 3 supporting references and 1 general point with one supporting references. I have found that all three don't necessarily have to make a lot of sense, and all ten references don't even have to be that good if found directly through the WGU library.
The hardest part of this assignment is making it bigger and harder than it needs to be. Keep it very very rough and simple and it will pass on the first try.

If you are struggling finding information on the first topic that you picked, see if there is another topic that you would have an easier time researching. I ended up switching when I couldn't find the information that I needed. I also went to Barnes & Noble and read through books and took notes and used them as references. I also purchased Perlla for the APA formatting. That made life so much easier! It is a lot of work for a small number of cu's, but so...

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