Sad story

Sad story

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There were scream all around me – my sight started to blur – but I could feel that people were in higgledy–piggledy situation – my body felt really numb – the sound slowly faded away…

I remembered, it was a beautiful Sunday morning – it was my birthday – i planned to bring my husband to the amusement park nearby – before going, we had breakfast – usually I would prepare the breakfast – but on that day, he surprised me with a well prepared breakfast – he also gave me a necklace that I really wanted before – I was really touched

Usually the parking lot was full with cars – but on that day, we were so lucky that we found one spot and it was the last one – the romantic part is when my husband opened the car door for me – we hold hands while walking into the amusement park – people were screaming here and there with full of excitement – I was really happy beacause this was the place where my husband proposed me

In the amusement park, there were many types of games – the first game we played was the shooting game – as I played the game, I remembered the day he proposed me – I was surprised – received a gift that I never expected eventhough I lose in the game – it was a ring – it was planned by him – that was the sweetest moment that I will always remembered – we continued to play other games

Suddenly my husband play something by ear, he asked for a ride on the roller coaster – I refused as I felt there were something wrong would happened – I have told him many times not to ride it but with a calm voice, he answered “ Just let me go, I will be alright. Promise me to take care of yourself when I‘m not with you. – I smiled because I know that I had to see eye to eye this time and said “ I’m a big girl, so don’t worry. Okay, I will let you go for this time. “ – Then, he replied “ Thank you, honey! You are the best wife ever!” – He come closer to me, then he kissed my forehead and said “ No matter what happened, only God and death can...

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