Safety Skill

Safety Skill

Safety and Health Policy

The company Tropics Agro Industries Incorporated is responsible for the assurance of safety of their employees. It is just right to make a necessary action to accomplish a safety rule that will be thoroughly followed to avoid minor or serious accidents. Hazards are commonly found in the environment and these hazards cannot be eliminated. The role of the company is to ensure that the most important thing in work is the life of the employees. Every job represents a potential threat in the health of the workers so it is just right to make plans to safely do the task.

If a worker experienced any insufficiencies for protecting himself against threat. He/she may report to the management so that they cam make some precautions.

Jobs are important but more is the life of the workers. SAFETY FIRST!

Safety and Health Objectives

Tropics Agro Industries Inc. should plan and perform the necessary actions to avoid minor or serious accidents in their company.

a. Assign a qualified person to regularly check the safety status of the company.
b. The assign safety person should make regular safety inspection.
c. The company should use safety equipments.
d. All of the employees should follow general safety procedures.
e. The company should provide safety trainings and programs.
f. The company should implement safety discipline to all the employees.

Company Inspection

Company: Tropics Agro Industries Inc.
Location: 25 Panganiban St. Naga City
Date of Inspection: February 20, 2009

The company follows certain standards in ensuring the safety the employees. But we cannot deny the fact that there are still some threats to the safety of the workers.

The safety procedures and the insufficiencies are identified by means of observation and interview. The data were presented as follows:

Safety Procedures of the Company

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