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Hello Parents and Players.

Welcome to the 2009 SGLL GIANTS !!!
I am Coach Randy and I am really happy to be your manager for the spring season. Your other coaches for this season are Coach Steve, and Coach Victor.
I am truly honored and very excited to be a part of your childs Little League experience. I plan to teach this great game of baseball in such a way that they will learn how to play with confidence, with knowledge, and with a better understanding of the game. Most Importantly, “HAVE FUN”

This coaching staff will approach this season with patience and understanding. We will provide a positive atmosphere and we will employ positive re-inforcement as a teaching tool. We will do our best, to get the best, from each and every one of these kids.

I will be asking that the 2009 Giants players come to practice and games ready to listen and pay attention. Be prepared to learn and apply what is being taught. I will ask that these players demonstrate a positive attitude with themselves, their teammates, coaches and parents at all times.

We will be asking that you also bring a positive attitude with you as well. Please be patient as we are teaching this game of baseball to these kids. Should you have any questions or concerns or comments that need to be addressed, please feel free, and welcome to approach me at any time except during practice, or games. It’s up to you guys to get your child to events on time whether that is a practice or a game, and it is very important that they be on time to take full advantage of the limited time that is available to prepare for the season. Please make sure that they have the necessary equipment needed to play baseball at all practices and games.

I would like to thank each of you for your understanding, and the opportunity to coach your kids this spring.


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