Centre for English Language Teaching

8 Week Pre-sessional Courses 2014
Long Essays - September
You will write a long essay in September on a topic from your own discipline. We have asked
academics in departments to suggest some titles for you, but it may also be possible to negotiate a title with your tutor.
The essay should be 1400-1500 words in length.
Tutors will expect you to respond to the comments on your earlier essays and to work towards fulfilling the essay writing criteria in your handbook.
Use the presentation and format requirements that you were given for your Chocolate essay.
In some cases, suggested reading is given, but we expect all students to go beyond this and find other sources themselves in the library.
Library desk staff may be approached by CELT students with questions about finding reading for the assignments. Staff will decide whether the enquiry can be answered by the regular support team or, if appropriate, the student will be directed to contact the relevant subject specialist.

Essay Titles
Source: S. Roskams, Dept. of Archaeology

1. It has been claimed that archaeology is best suited to studying 'technologies' and 'economic issues', while it can rarely produce inferences about past social organisation, beliefs and identity. To what extent do you agree?
2. The discipline of archaeology has used analogy between past and modern cultures in their interpretations. In what ways have ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology contributed to these developments? Discuss how legitimate is this whole enterprise.
Hodder, I and Hutson, S. (2003) Reading the Past. Cambridge: CUP
Johnson, M. (2010) Archaeological theory: an introduction. Chichester: Blackwell Praetzellis, A (2000) Death by Theory. Plymouth: AltaMira
Trigger, B. (2006) A History of Archaeological Thought. New York: CUP

Art History
1. Describe and evaluate a group of...