Salad Lovers

Salad Lovers

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When I was a child a salad was a very important part of our meal. My father was always the one in charge of preparing the salads. No matter what day it was, whether it was Christmas, birthdays, or just a simple meal, he managed to make the most outstanding salad. He was so creative and put so much love in making them. Is it any wonder I have celestial standards when it comes to the perfect salad?

In my early years, as I was learning how to cook, the only thing I was interested in learning was my salads. I was now the one in charge! Learning how to make a unique and delicious salad is the easiest thing to do. Just make sure to be creative and passionate about it. Make sure to wash your vegetables with cold, icy water. Lettuce for example, by rinsing them with cold water adds a little extra crispness to it. To add, I always add a few basil leaves and small pieces of spinach. Just lettuce, would be a boring salad, the greener the better. My next step would be to find different vegetable fillers. Fruits and nuts are always good for a salad they add this exotic taste. For example, I start by cutting cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, and slicing the carrots into thin layers. My next step is peeling the juicy mangos and apples. Also, I dice red bell peppers and cut the avocadoes into cubes. Those were just the early stages for preparing my desirable salad.

Furthermore, salads always need a kick in the end. Now that everything is washed and cut, we are going forward. Get a decent size bowl and start by placing the greener ingredients meaning lettuce, spinach, and basil leaves in the bowl. The essentials of any mouth watering salad. Then place the cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, diced carrots, small avocado cubes, fresh red bell peppers, slices of apples, and do not forget the sweet mangos pieces. Also sprinkle chunks of salted cashews. Once everything is in its place pour extra virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. Mix all of your succulent...

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