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Research Project for Negotiating Salaries and Raises

Career Planning and Development (Psyc 107)

I choose my research project on negotiating salaries and raises. This report discusses how to negotiate salaries and what not do when negotiating. I give examples of my personal and professional experiences. In addition, providing information from the experts and the, powers that be. My current position at Dunwoody College of Technology, allows me the opportunity to encourage students and graduates to advocate for themselves by, encouraging them to negotiate their salaries and raises. This position has given me the inside of this topic and I happy to share my experiences and research.
I decided right away I that I wanted to conduct this project on negotiating salaries, I was almost up for a raise. It made since – the timing of this project was perfect. I decided to begin reading, searching online, talking it up to students, asking employers about salary information, interviewing, and of to conclude I negotiated my salary.
My first example, John Smith, a graduate of the construction supervision program at Dunwoody was the last one to find an internship – but, he finally found one. The program is 6 quarters long, the last quarter is a required internship – and normally the students at Dunwoody work on paid internships, which; is what he was working on. However, he was earning about ten dollars and hour while on that internship. That salary was about 4-5 dollars less than the average salary for a typical internship in that program. However, he accepted and completed the internship which therefore made him eligible to graduate and to be hired on.

The employer offered John, a two dollar increase after his internship. John of course scheduled an apt. with the Career Services Center. John and I had a great meeting – right away, I informed him to negotiate his salary. Of course, we covered a lot – I asked him several questions regarding his...

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