Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials

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Part Two :

Reverend Samuel Parris:
Reverend was invited by the congregation of Salem to be the Minister; even though not everyone supported him he was chosen. The Reverend always argued about him salary and accommodations, he lacked charisma and wit and he was very greedy. When the Reverend was defending the witchcraft trails he tried to salvage his authority and his job. He later apologized in 1964. In 1967 the Reverend was forced out of his position as minster.

John Proctor:
During the 60’s trails Proctor was one of the most vocal opponents of the trail. Proctor did not believe in witchcraft and maintained his innocence throughout the whole trial. He Believed that the devil had a mislead; the court and his town. AT the end of the trails he was proven guilty and was hanged.

Thomas Putnam:
Putnam owned much of the land and money in Salem. He is very respective of the church, and is very close to Reverend Samuel Parris. Putnam blamed Goody Osborne a midwife of Salem of killing seven babies. Putnam also blamed more citizens of doing unlawful crimes. He usually blamed the wealthier citizens of these crimes. He was believed and they were convicted of these crimes. Giles Cory tries to tear him apart from limb to limb, but he doesn’t succeed.

Reverend John Hale:
Hale was a witchcraft expert and came to Salem in 1692. He started investigating suspects and eventually persuaded the governor to establish a witchcraft court. Hale then became very suspicious and grew very vocal in all of the trails. Hale wrote a modest inquiry into the Nature Of Witchcraft, in the inquiry he apologized for his role in the trails .

Giles Cory:
Cory was a famer in Salem who was charged with witchcraft by Ann Putnam Jr, Mercy Lewis and Abi Gail Williams. Cory Refused to enter a plea and was crushed to death by stone weights in an attempt to force him to do so.

Rebecca Nurse:
Rebecca Nurse was the most highly regarded woman in Salem....

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