sales proposal global

sales proposal global

Simply Efficient
Global Strategic Marketing Proposal
Senior Vice President
Worldwide Sales

Enabling consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing
innovative electronic solutions

Executive Summary
• The Smart Oven- the oven operates as a toaster oven and refrigerator and can be operated
remotely from a smart phone app. Food can be placed in the oven, operating as a food
cooler until the consumer utilizes the app from a smart phone to set bake time and
temperature. The consumer will arrive home to a perfectly prepared meal.
▫ Just-in-time retail inventory.
• The Opportunity
▫ Expand current distribution into Canada
▫ Increased customer satisfaction.
• The Potential
▫ Increased sales and profits

What We’ll Cover Today
• Identify two new products/services that can be offered globally
▫ 3 different Methods used to determine the need to expand
▫ Competitive Advantage
▫ Inherent Risks

• CRM software System
• Product Distribution Channel
• Pricing Strategy
• Promotional Strategy

The Smart Oven with smart phone app operation has
been identified for global distribution
• 3 Methods utilized to determine the need for
distribution in Canada
▫ Focus group research in Canada
▫ Social Media monitoring
▫ Target Market direct mail surveys

• Research Results
▫ Target Market Population of adults age 22-55
years has been steadily increasing over the
last 3 years
▫ Focus group research identified the need for
efficient meal preparation, as the number of
dual income providers increases
▫ Social Media survey results revealed a lack of
technology available to meet the age groups
needs for efficient meal preparation
▫ Target Market direct mail surveys identified no
similar products are offered in Canada

Competitive Advantage and Inherent Risk
• Competitive Advantage
▫ The ability to enter a global market where no substitute product/service
▫ Increase profitability...

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