Sales Training

Sales Training

Sales Rep Training Clinic

1. Intro-goals and objectives (Kevin-30 min/8-8:30)
-Reps introduce themselves: center, what they did before coming to AHP, what they want to gain from this meeting.

2. How you get paid (-1 hr/8:30-9:30)
-in order to get paid, you must have s/u paperwork, CMN, testing (s/s or ids)
-Handout: commission list for O2, UD, CPAP/ BIPAP
-Handout: commission calendar
-CMN’s-explain what needs to be filled out
-Give example of o2 cmn/t-19 (get w/CM or CSR on t-19s)
-Rx folder for o2 CMN directions
-explain how to get corrections w/o giving answer (utilize cover sheet)
-Rx log (tracking purposes)/walk CMN’s/CSR should print CMN same day pt is s/u
-Handout: CMN centralized review (how to check on rx’s faxed to the cdr)
-Handout: “How to Claim Commission” and explain step by step process-AS400
-Handout: Commission guidelines
-Explain how to track referrals sent to other centers (your CM needs to call CM at center where pt was s/u so they know to claim commission in your name.

3. Expense Reports (-30 to 45 min/9:30-10:00/10:15)
A. Regular Expenses:
-mileage, cell phone, center related expenses
• Mileage: .31 for 1636 miles and .11 for 364 miles
-show example report (MMM, mileage, cell phone)
• Include mileage form (explain how to properly fill out and that you can do mileage once or twice a month), receipts, phone bills
• Explain travel on expense reports (qp3)

B. Marketing Reimbursement Report:
-Handout: Guide for processing marketing expenses
-Explain envelope and what each slot requires
-Handout: expense outline form to tape receipts on
-Explain meal vs snack (inside Dr’s office)-meal requires outline
-Explain that you will need a BME when you do an inservice outside of...

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