Title – The Adventures of Sally

Author – P.G. Wodehouse

Copyright - first by Herbert Jenkins in 1922. Then again in 1989

Pages – 255

Mood- Humorous

Theme – Be wise in what you invest your money in and who you invest your time in.

Opinion? – Good, but have read better. It didn’t keep me reading. However the twist in the ending was enjoyable.

Learned?- More about European families. A few French words.

Told in?- in third person by the author


• Sally and Fillmore’s parents both died and had to wait until they were 21 and 25 to inherit their money. Finally did.

• After Sally received her money she left for New York. In NY she met and a guy named Gerald Foster and was engaged within 2 weeks.

• She worked at a dance polar.

• Sally decided to use some of her money to treat herself to a vacation to Europe.

• In France she got stuck in an elevator all night with a man named Lancolot Kemp. Most called him Ginger. Ginger fell head over heels for Sally. Sally had to leave shortly after they met.

• On last night together they went gamboling and Ginger won lots of money and purposed to Sally. She had to tell him she was already engaged some someone in America.

• Sally caught the train to begin the journey home and was oddly enough seated right next to Ginger’s cousin, Bruce Carmyle. He had a slight interest in her just as his cousin did.

• After spending time in the elevator with Ginger, she developed a dislike for his family. Therefore she was not very fond of Bruce at all.

• When she gets home to NY she cared for Mr. Faucitt, who had influenza, for a week, before heading to Detroit to attend Gerald’s play.

• Gets to Detroit and the theatre had been closed due to influenza. In Detroit she sees a rehersal of the play. Got on a train with Fillmore to head to Chicago.

• Bruce was oddly enough on the same train. He had “tracked her down” basically because he wanted her....

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