Salmonella Testing Market - Industry Analysis, Share, Size, Forecast 2024

Salmonella Testing Market - Industry Analysis, Share, Size, Forecast 2024

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Salmonella Testing Market - Industry Analysis,
Share, Size, Forecast 2024

Salmonella Testing Market: Overview
Salmonella is a genus of gram negative bacteria, which are rod shaped in nature. These bacteria
are non spore forming, flagellate and motile. There are two important species of bacteria found in
salmonella genus called as S Bongori and S Enterica. Infection by enterica termed as Enteritidis
and it is most common infection among all species. Salmonella bacteria found in warm blooded
animals including humans and causes intestinal infection called salmonellosis. Animals such as
cattle, sheep, chicken, cats, and dogs are major carrier for this species and therefore it gets
transmitted in human beings very easily.

Salmonella infection is widely spread disease across the world, according to CDC data,
Salmonella causes infection to about 1.2 million people only in United States of America. Out of
these over 23,000 people need to be hospitalized immediately. The disease accounts for
approximately 450 deaths.
Clinical features of salmonella infection include diarrhea which sometimes may be bloody, along
with this fever, abdominal cramps are also common which generally lasts for 5-7 days.
Salmonella infection generally affects the gastro intestinal tract of human however this infection
can be life threatening if goes beyond intestine. It is transmitted through contaminated food such
as infected meat, contaminated water and contact with infected animals and pets.
Contaminated food is the major source for transmission of infection commonly from meat, eggs,
egg products, unpasteurized milk and dairy products. People of all age group are susceptible to
this infection nevertheless immune compromised people such as patients, children below five
years and elderly people are on high risk of infection. Recently there was a major outbreak of
salmonella in the US and many companies in the business of beef and other meat products had to
recall their...

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