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In the essay “Salvation,” Langton Hughes portrays himself as a young child who was raised to believe that our savior, Jesus Christ, would come with a bright light to be within the heart of whoever desires and believes in him. Little did the boy know that the spirit of the lord actually is felt on the inside and inside the ones heart who desires him and lets him in. That morning at church, all the stories of how the lord comes into your life were not as the little boy had been told

As little Hughes was walked up to the Mourners chair, all he could think about was how it was going to feel when Jesus walked through that light and entered his heart to be saved. Little did Hughes know that it was actually a spiritual feeling inside the heart that lets you know that the lord is within you. All Hughes wanted was to be saved by Jesus Christ and be in the world as a saved individual and a Christian. All his life he had been taught the same things about the lord enters your life and how great that feeling is.

While Hughes was sitting in the Mourners chair, his buddy Westley decides to get up and be saved. Hughes is overwhelmed with his friend’s decision seeing that he knew that he had not the light of Jesus Christ yet. This confuses Hughes and makes him think that he needs to hurry up and see the light so he can get off the stage and out of the spotlight. Langston shows how at first he believed that Jesus was coming to save him and he would see that magnifi

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