Samman Foundation

Samman Foundation

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 2

Introduction 3

Marketing Analysis 3

Strategy 3

Objective 3

Market 3

STP (Segmentation, Target, Positioning) 4

Implementation 4

The Marketing Mix 5

Control 5

People and Relationships 5

Structure 5

The customer 6

‘Customer’ Care 6

The Road Ahead 6


We sincerely thank Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal, Partner, Samman Foundation for providing us such detailed exposure to their operations and patiently answering our queries. It has been a great experience to apply our in-class learning to understand such a unique and magnificent organization.

- Group 2, Section A

28th January, 2009

Sammaan Foundation



Sammaan foundation was started in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs from IIM Ahmedabad under the guidance of Prof. Piyush Sinha. It is a cycle- rickshaw manufacturing & rental service with a social objective. The organisation aims at making profit while empowering the lowest strata of society. Rickshaws ply in almost all cities, small towns and suburban areas of India. In India, there are over 10 million rickshaw drivers, all below the poverty line. About 60% of them hail from backward states of Bihar & Jharkhand. Most of them rent rickshaws from contractors who typically own at least 100 rickshaws each. Exploitation of pullers is rampant & they have little or no support from government. Sammaan aims at providing dignity & better livelihood to them. It operates rickshaws which are easier to drive, have added commercial benefits & aim at overall social development of the rickshaw pullers.

The project was inaugurated by the chief minister of Bihar & has achieved a turnover of over Rs 50 million operating over 1000 rickshaws. It has achieved international laurels including an award from World Bank and has featured in the Economist being shortlisted as one of the “30 hottest startups in India”. It is the only...

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