The sunflower questions
Pgs. 3-20
Adam fox

1. If a dying Nazi soldier asked for my forgiveness I would without a doubt tell them that all the pain and anguish they caused me will never be forgotten and they should die knowing the scars they have left behind. I wouldn’t think the soldiers would have the courage to do such a thing but then again they did have the guts to do the horrible things they did to the Jewish people.

2.1. Scanty: Amount quantity, barely sufficient
2. Scholars: One who has profound knowledge or a particular subject
3. BBC: British broadcasting corporation
4. Scrutinize: To examine in detail with careful or critical attention
5. Janowska: A Nazi labour , transit and concentration camp

3.It’s the morning of another day in hell. As I walk down the street I see many different people going through all types of pain and sorrow, one little girl is screaming for food because she hasn’t eaten in days, I wish I could help her but I’m going through the same pain as she is going through and I wouldn’t be much of a help. As I continue my walk I come to the entrance where the soldiers take us to the gas chambers, I can smell the death in the air from the slaughtering of last night, the sounds of the screams I have to drown out with the hopes of some day getting out of this place… maybe one day

4. One thing I found confusing so far is the Jewish language, as well I found it hard to picture what he is actually going through in his daily life and what his surroundings are like. Even though that the book can be confusing at times I’m understanding it pretty well because I have studied this kind of stuff in other classes before.

5. I cant imagine what kind of life he had its so different from mine and everyone around me it makes me feel so selfish with the little things I complain about. The story itself is getting more interesting as the book progresses and I’m going to safely say that it will make me feel even more guilty as I...

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