Sample Business Report

Sample Business Report

Sample Business Report, APA Style (Spencer)

The title page
of a business
report is counted
in the numbering,
although a header
and page number
do not appear.

Positively Affecting Employee Motivation

Title, writer’s
name, and date,
centered on page;
company name,
centered at bottom.

Prepared by Brian Spencer
Report Distributed March 9, XXXX

Prepared for OAISYS

Marginal annotations indicate business-style formatting and effective writing.
Source: Hacker Handbooks (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011, 2007).
This paper follows the style guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. (2010).

In a typical business
report, the page
header contains an
abbreviated title
and the page

Employee Motivation 2
Corporate goals, such as sales quotas or increases in market share,
do not always take into account employee motivation. Motivating

Abstract, on a
separate page,
provides a brief
summary of the

employees is thus a challenge and an opportunity for firms that
want to outperform their competitors. For a firm to achieve its
goals, its employees must be motivated to perform effectively.
Empirical research conducted with employees of a subject firm,
OAISYS, echoed theories published by leading authorities in

While not strictly
APA style, the
formatting of the
business report
is consistent with
the style typically
used in businesses.
Headings are flush
with the left margin
and boldface.
Paragraphs are
separated by an
extra line of space,
and the first line of
each paragraph is
not indented.

journals, books, and online reports. These theories argue that
monetary incentives are not the primary drivers for employee
motivation. Clear expectations, communication of progress toward
goals, accountability, and public appreciation are common primary
drivers. A firm aiming to achieve superior performance should
focus on these...

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