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What it Means to Be Ivorian
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Eric Walker

What does it mean to be from the Ivory Coast? My country is located in West Africa between the Liberia, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Atlantic Ocean. It has a tropical climate, more than sixty ethnicities and many religions. The history of Cote D’Ivoire started since the colonization to the country by France in 1637. My country has got its independence in 1960 and since then has had the greatest agricultural economy in Africa, therefore I will explain how I have been influenced by my country, its history, multiculturalisms and the hard working of it population
First of all, being Ivorian means being a westernized. In fact since the colonization my country has adopted the western way of life and even after its independence, everybody in the country and more importantly people living in cities such as Abidjan, Bouake, Yamoussoukro, Daloa and Korogho have been living according to this way of life. Moreover I grew up in Abidjan; which is the economic capital of the country and this city is the vivid proof of this westernization; everything that is done in Abidjan is related to the modern way of life. The way we dress there, the songs we listen to and even the first language (French) is a consequence of the colonization. For example, people wear jeans, boots, they listen to foreign music such as hip hop, R&B, and even the educational system comes from France. The fact that I have lived in the capital influenced me because it is certainly there that people are absorbed by this modern way of life.
Next, being from my country means being multicultural.. This multiculturalism includes diversity in culture and in religion. In term of culture there are more than 60 ethnical groups such as “malinke, yacouba, bete. Each group has his particular culture related to the part of the country it comes from. This...

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