Sample of Marketing Strategy

Sample of Marketing Strategy

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Examination Guidelines & Pre-Seen Case Study
Module Code: MKT306

Module Title: Marketing Strategy - SAMPLE

In this guide:

1) Guidelines for Students – Top Twenty Tips for Good Exam Technique:
• Preparing for the Exam
• The Exam Structure
• The Exam Content
• Good Exam Technique

2) Case Study for August 2005 Examination

Guidelines for Students – Top Twenty Tips for Good Exam Technique

Preparing for the Exam

1. This is an open book examination. As such you may take into the exam, up to five sheets (therefore ten sides) of A4 white paper with handwritten (not typed) notes. Your handwriting can be of any size, however you should make sure that your preparation is well planned and your notes easy to read. Use this facility to help jog your memory in the exam – you should not just copy extracts of books – but think in advance of real life examples and make notes of these. You will be expected to apply knowledge in the exam not merely recite quotes. If you choose to use quotes they must be fully referenced. Plagiarism in any form is not permitted in the exam.

2. You may take a dictionary for translation purposes only.

3. You may take in pens, pencils and calculators – however your answer should always be written in blue or black pen. Please do not use red pen or highlighters as this just causes a distraction. If you want to highlight some of your work – just underline it.

4. Make sure you are ready for the exam – you should have undertaken every activity in the resource pack and be fully familiar with Hollensen and other key marketing texts. You should also be able to identify and give examples of marketing strategy in practice.

5. Have an early night before the exam and make sure you feel relatively relaxed. You can expect to be somewhat nervous however this exam should be enjoyable! You are being...

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